Homework Term 4,
Week 6-7 Camp Week - ensure you keep up your reading.
Week 5: Production Week - Have a break from Homework this week.  If you have time, find an interesting article in the paper and read it to someone at home and discuss the main idea.

Week 4: Prepare a 1min speech on a famous New Zealander.  It needs to include, Who they are, where they are from, what they did to inspire others, how can you learn from what they did, interesting facts...  Finally why you think they are a good role model and why you chose them.

Week 3: From the production team: Please learn the Shoemakers Elves for homework this week.

 Week 2.  Research 'Theatre' or 'movies making' or even a famous theatre or production  which is famous world wide.  Present either digitally or on paper.

Week 1.
Descriptive writing.  Choose a picture and describe the moment in gime the picture was taken.  Present tense, What can you see, hear, smell, feel...  Remember it is not a full story, just a moment in time.
The next day try to add descriptive language and improve your work.
You must work in paragraphs, complete sentences.

Homework Week 11 for the parents

Homework Term 3
If you complete each week you will have a very special lunch prepared by Mrs Rush in week 11.

Learn the Mascot dance please:

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