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Mrs Rush email: teresa@stmarys.rotorua.school.nz



Swimming this week - please bring your togs.

Grandparents Mass - Friday 9am, followed by morning tea and entertainment.

Production- please ensure you are at school when you need to be.

Click here to link to times when students need to be at school

Will be  a slightly crazy week so bed early for the stars.  Take advantage of the sleep in on Thursday and come to school refreshed at 11am!!

Thanks for your ongoing support. 


Week Four

This week we will be having whole school practise's for production.

Tuesday: Making tissue flowers for the production.

In class we are starting to prepare for making a puppet theatre, script and making puppets and developing their character.

Camp is nearing!!! - please check out the camp page if you need gear lists etc.

Swimming - some of the girls need to use a cap as the are trying to breathe but getting a  mouthfull of hair!!!!!! If your child asks for one please get them one. 
Testing is still ongoing.
Cake bake - Highlander Sweetened Condensed Milk - Thursday..... Yum Yum, Please bring in some to sell tins have been sent home with students,  Students will also need money to buy some rather tasty treats!!



I hope you all enjoyed Labour Day.  

This week we will be having afternoon sports/ athletics.  Please bring PE gear each day, no swimming this week.

We are starting end of year testing so please make sure you go to bed early and come to school refreshed.

Camp is coming upon us really quickly, please make sure you start to get all your gear together, and check for notices.

Have a fantastic week. 

Week one:
Welcome back to another exciting term.
This week please bring togs, towel... Swimming odd weeks this term, everyday.
Tuesday; whole school Rosary 8.45 in school hall. Led by room 5
In writing we are focusing on descriptive writing.


Nearly there.... One week of wonderful learning left until the holidays.

Tuesday: Mrs Rush in Wellington

Thursday:Mrs Rush's lunch shout for those who have completed all their work.

 Thursday: Today we will read our Wolf stories to Middle school

Thursday Night: Disco

Friday : End of term.


Week 10

 Monday: Pre-puberty meeting for year 6 parents

Wednesday: Parent evening at 5.30 in school hall; Soccer prizegiving church hall 5.30.  

Thursday: Winter Field days.

Friday: Drama middle block.   Leadership 

homework: Get ready for Wednesday night whanau evening. 




Week 9 

Calendar Art is completed and looks fantastic.
Wed; Year 5 Camp parent helper meeting 5.30
Disco Thursday Lunch Time, gold coin, pancakes and chocolate for sale

Week 8
 Tuesday - Mike from Caritas talking in the hall 1.30 about working with the poor in Africa.  Morning - Mass Singing practise.
Wednesday - 9.00- 10.30 Minstral, Miss Donovan - Calendar Art, Dance freeze frames
Thursday - Book or Movie 'Fiction' Character, gold coin donation for Special Need Christmas Party.  Miss Spitz.
Wednesday, Thursday Mrs Rush to Papamoa and Auckland to visit schools with new learning zones. 
Friday - Mass 9am, Birthday of Mary.
We are working hard on organising our sharing of this terms learning.  Week 10 Wednesday night.

 Week 7
 Monday -Auditions for the school production.  All the best.
Tuesday- Capital E production at the Events centre.
Class Pizza lunch
Wednesday - Room 5 assembly at 1.30
Please watch and enjoy our videos from Goldentime.
Have a great week. 
This week we have Dance and Drama on Tuesday.  
Lots of work on our end of term parent evening presentation is occurring.  
A great fundraiser at MacDonalds was had by all, thank you to those supporting the camp fundraising.
WEDNESDAY: Morning Tea camp fundraiser, please provide some thing to sell at morning tea or send a donation.
Golden Time, Olympic, amazing race mystery challenge. (organised by Mrs Rush!! - Only the brave will survive!)
Next week the class have earned their pizza party.  Each piece will cost $1 this will pay for the pizza and some extras.  We will do this on Tuesday to particulate in  the 'cheaper Tuesday' specials. 

Week 5 Term 3
Wonderful to hear such great reports about the class last week.  I had an excellent week and now have many exciting ideas to improve learning in our class.
This week:
Wednesday: 12.00 Assumption Mass.  Mary is the patron Saint of Aotearoa New Zealand, and it is a Holy Day of Obligation.  
Friday: Tabloid sports for Golden time.
I am working on getting students to use this blog more and to become part of it by commenting and adding work, this is exciting and I will let you know more when we are ready.

 Week 4
Thank you to the parents who attended interviews, contacted me in regards to your childs learning.  I will be sending home note sheets on Monday.  Please feel free to contact me anytime, teresa@stmarys.rotorua.school.nz
Students are asked to go on knowledge net weekly as part of their homework; to participate in the forum and to complete journals.  Please comment on your child's work.
Congratulations to Kate who now has a baby sister, to Sean who  has  a new baby brother. We keep in our prayers Tayla's baby brother who passed away in the holidays.
This week I will be in Wellington from Tuesday to Friday at the National Catholic Conference.  Mrs Hall will be teaching the class.
Have a great week.
Week 3
Wednesday - Pass it; Maths interviews - use same online booking system as for last weeks interviews.
Interviews: Thursday afteroon Parent Teacher Interviews.
Allow students to watch and enjoy the olympics, what an amazing opening cermony the class favourites were Mr Bean and the Queen with Bond - James Bond!



Parent teacher Interviews- please book times online - instructions in the newsletter www.schoolinterviews.co.nz       School code:ZVPCV  then press GO and follow the steps to make your booking.
 *I am away on PD this Thursday 26th July and Friday 27th July in Auckland. Mrs Keaney will be teaching the class. This means I will not be available for parent interviews on Thursday. However, I am quite happy to meet with you the following Thursday, in the time slot you have booked online. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Maths interview will be week three on Wednesday night. If your child is in my maths class I will do the interview at the same time as the class interview.
Pass it on Wednesday - Please bring PE gear.  Golden time voting on knowledge net.
God Bless and have a great week.


Monday: Teacher Only Day
Tuesday: Be at school at 8.30 for the new term launch
Wednesday- Constable Neil coming to talk to us about bullying
We look forward to an excellent term.
Cycles are concept this term and we will be focusing on the Olympics and Paralympics.
Constable Neil is visiting to teach us about Olympics
Jacob an 11 year old boy is visiting from Germany.

Week 10
Holidays not long now.
This week:
Tuesday / Wednesday Food for Thought programme
Thursday: Supermarket Visit.
Wednesday: 12.00 Mass
This week we will be focusing on Matariki, we will create a display with 7 starts, and a taniwha kite.
Thank you to all the whanau that were able to attend last Friday afternoon, the students really enjoyed sharing, it was excellent for me to listen to them explaining and showing their work to you.  What amazing kids you all have.
Next term we look forward to a really exciting end of term evening...
God bless and have a wonderful holiday. Mrs Rush 

Week 9 
 This week we have Hit It -please bring PE gear, today we had tennis and the next two days we have badminton. 
Wednesday we are off ice skating, looking forward to this even if a little bit scared - never been skating in any shape or form so should be hilarious. 
Thursday - Assembly, 3 Chiefs players to visit school.
Friday- Bill English and Todd McClay coming for a visit.  
Friday - Classroom open after school for parents, whanau to visit and see what has been happening this term.  Students will be preparing for this structure afternoon and will be showing their displays.
Week 8: 
Not sure what happened to week 7 - I did not get a chance to get on the blog!!!
 Thanks to all student's who have brought their trip money.  Not long now.
Monday: Art truck visit, parents welcome to come with us- 1.30pm.
Tuesday:Interschool Cross country
Wednesday: School Photos- look sharp!!
Friday: Mass - Feast of the Sacred Heart
Pick a path books hopefully on the blog at end of week - just need to workout how to add them to the blog..
Have a great week of learning room 5.

We are excited as on Thursday night lots of Rotorua teachers will be visiting our classroom and looking at our fantastic work. 
Kingdom of God is like:
Think about how you could explain the Kingdom of God as we did in class Monday with :
The Kingdom of God is like a bottle of coke; The Kingdom of God is like a hot air balloon.
Think about what God means to you, belonging to the Church community. 
Present in an interesting way – collage, sculpture.
Write or have mini notes which explain aspects of the Kingdom of God and what you have chosen to portray. 
Note: Friday Teacher only Day - Monday Queen's Birthday - WOW 4 Day weekend!!

Wow what a wonderful start to the week - ice and brilliant weather.
This week Mrs Rush will be at a Principal/DRS conference at Mt Manganui, Mrs Keaney will be relieving in room 5 (Thursday and Friday) 
Homework: Define conductors and insulators
Golden Time: Young Vinnies Amazing Race - bring a can of food as entry fee.
Ask your child about their pick a path book - these are going really well and we hope to have them published and on our blog by the end of week 7.

This week we are focusing on our learning - where we are at and what our next steps are.
Homework:  Letter to Richie McCaw 
CAKE SALE ON WEDNESDAY - ROOM 5 AND ROOM 3   Please send some goodies to sell or a donation.= Fundraising for year 5 and 6 camps

CAMPS: This week camp information will be going out to families.


CROSS COUNTRY - POSTPONED TO WEEK 4 Same place - Same time

Week 3 The week ahead:
Mothers Day Gifts for sale on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. $3
Wednesday -  Junior Cross Country
                      - Literacy and Numeracy evening - letters have been sent to parents who need to attend. Thursday - Senior Cross Country - Afternoon - Redwoods - School PE uniform
                   - Homework due in
 Saturday - Louise's Birthday

 HOMEWORK: Read and learn about static and current electricity. Class Forum A great time for parents to look and comment on your child's eportfolio

 Congratulations to Room 5 students who have just made their First Communion and Confirmation. Marian, Tayla, Rahul, Riley, Samantha E, Elisapeta

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